“Egypt’s national security, an integral part of Arab and African national security,”

November 1,2012 (Dimtsi weyane) “Egypt: We won’t cede our water rights,” Middle East Monitor,

According to Middle East Monitor, referring to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian foreign minister told the Arab Parliament yesterday that Egypt would not waive its water rights.
In this regard, Shoukry is mentioned to have further stressed that Egypt’s national security is an integral part of the Arab and African national security.

In his speech at the Arab Parliament, he explained that the dam issue was adding new challenges to the Egyptian government pointing to what he described as “a worsening situation” after Ethiopia’s recent rejection to a report by an international adviser.

In the meantime, the Egyptian official called on the African governments to stimulate Ethiopia to reach a fair and balanced agreement that achieves the interests of the three involved countries, Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Shoukri noted that the United States (US) have invited Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan, to hold a meeting on 6 November to resume the discussion on the dam
CGTN on its part pointed out today that Ethiopia has accepted U.S. mediation offer over dam dispute.