Abiy’s betrayal to EPRDF starts 11 years ago

Nov. 04 2019(Dimtsi weyane) BBC Amharic yesterday reported that Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) witnessed that today’s premier Dr. Abiy Ahmed had served it as an informant.

As indicated by BBC OLF, in its statement on Friday pointed out that Abiy Ahmed had been cooperative with OLF. As could be known from the statement, Abiy had been releasing confidential information to the front (OLF).

Friday’s statement further highlighted that 11 years ago, Abiy had, for instance, served OLF as an informer. During that time, Abiy had, in advance, informed OLF’s leadership about his party’s secret plan to kill Legesse Wegi, former leader of the front.

In this regard, participants of the PM’s public discussions on current affairs in various localities of Oromia regional state this week witnessed that Abiy has openly expressed to them about the mysterious connection he had had with OLF in Eritrea.

It is also recalled that it was Abiy Ahmed while he had been working in INSA who allegedly released the confidential information of his party to launch a military attack against OLF which had been moving around western Ethiopia