Time to boldly talk about Adwa’s victory and role of Menelik II

#Mekelle- 24 February 2020 (#DW-TV) – #Ethiopia is to celebrate the 124th anniversary of Adwa/Adua victory in the coming recent days.

No one still counter argued in that the invading #Italian colonial army suffered a blowing defeat at the battle of Adwa in March 2, 1896.

However, now seems the right time to boldly and critically reconsider what has been, so far narrated to Ethiopians in particular and the international community in general with regard to the history of the battle of #Adwa.

In other words, it is of paramount importance to courageously discuss the real history on the battle ground of Adwa and Menelik II’s role, if any, as compared to what has been narrated by elites to date.

Was that really as the result of #Menelik’s leadership that the invading Italian colonial army suffered such a blowing defeat?

Who was Menelik and who was Alula at the battle field?