Menelik’s actual personality as compared to false narratives so far

#Mekelle- 26 February 2020 (#DW-TV) – Quite considerable Ethiopian historians and artists have been inculcating into Ethiopians a false and distorted history with their respective works in relationship to Ethiopian history.

Needless to say, such writers and artists in particular and the elites in general who were and are still loyal to and serving for the feudalistic groups have been misleading the international community in general in their efforts to promote them with plagiarized history.

On the other hand, the feudal system has been sponsoring those guards of it to further strengthen their unwavering efforts so as to be well promoted with such narration of false, distorted or omitted Ethiopian history.
To mention a few among the many false narrations of those elites has, for instance, been telling and teaching Ethiopians and the international community about Emperor Menelik, the second’s personality during the battle of Adwa.

The most saddening issue those guys might have forgotten to take into account is, however- the truth always stays truth. It is all about time that everything would inevitably be uncovered on its own at the right time.
The truth which has already started to be told and taught after having been well reconsidered by well-educated and knowledgeable historians of the new generation is a living testimony in this regard i.e. the truth is now coming out from behind the curtain on its own.

Now, the actual personality of emperor Menelik, which has been narrated by those elites till the past recent times and the Menelik known by the knowledgeable historians today are of two extremes.

Nowadays, all most all historians seem to have reached a consensus in that Menelik II had not even been around when the battle of Adwa took place.

Nevertheless, those elites have been promoting Menelik, the second, to the international community as if he had committed a heroic deed at the battle of Adwa by having defeated the Italian invaders for the first time ever on the soil of Africa.

Here, there are two critical points to be considered. In the first hand, the Italians were defeated for the first time, not at the battle of Adwa, but at the battles of #Sahati, #Ambalage, #Dogali, at #Mekelle and @Adua (from 1-2 March) to mention some. The Italian colonizers were defeated at all those battle fields, fought between the Tigrean heroes and heroines and the Italian invaders just prior to the battle of Adwa known by the international community.

The other important point in this regard, as to knowledgeable writers from within and outside Ethiopia, is that if what those elites have been claiming for had been true, Menelik the second, has not, from the very beginning taken part in the battle of Adwa.

As could be learnt, he was not even interested to stand and fight against the Italians. That was why he has been repeatedly mentioned to have reached at the place (Adwa) after the devastating battle was already ended.
Moreover, he had been the right hand of all forces against Ethiopia. To be objective, he had, for instance, conspired with enemies against Emperor Yohannes IV that eventually resulted in the death of the Ethiopian king of kings (Emperor Yohannes IV).
The other living testimony so far in that regard goes to the case of the siblings, living in two different sovereign nations since then. In relation to this, Menelik, along with his Italian allies has been the master mind behind the conspiracy to separate the #Tigrigna speaking siblings of Eritrea and Tigray for their political gain of divide and rule.

Historians further exhibit that #Menelik, after having reached at Adwa, spent all his time, hiding from the Italians in a mountain called mihbae Menelik (the name given to the place where Menelik II had been hiding himself in, to escape the #Italians).

Most maddeningly, his soldiers were said to have been looting and kidnapping properties of Tigrean farmers and their wives and daughters, including nuns.

These are just to mention a few among many other things at hand, so feel free to logically discuss on the subject.

DW in advance wishes you all a happy 124th anniversary of #Adwa/Adua victory!