'The past two years were all wastages' Lidetu Ayalew

#Mekelle – 01 May 2020 (#DW-TV) – Politicians and scholars are criticizing and expressing disapproval to Abiy Ahmed than ever before.

In this regard, #Lidetu Ayalew, a politician said in an interview he gave to #Re-eyot Media that the past two years were all wastages.

According to him, all political parties across the nation would be equal from September 1, 2020. There would, unlike now, be no party to invite to or be invited by- as of August 30. 2020, he underlined.

As to politicians and lawyers, neither of the four alternative solutions #Abiy Ahmed came up with to extend the upcoming national election has constitutional ground.

In this regard, all politicians with the exception of Prosperity party (#PP) members seem to agree in that Abiy has no any convincing constitutional ground to extend the upcoming national election for the second time if not to be a dictator.

With regard to the subject at hand, Dr. #Kinfe Abreha from #Mekelle University expressed to #Tigray TV now that Abiy (PP) is taking covid-19 as a blessing in disguise. However, not holding the election would have far more consequence than to hold it, he stressed.